CUT Size and Finished Size

The difference of Cut size and Finish size arise due to Centre joints (centre heat sealing) and border folds (border hem). The Cut size is gross measurement of fabric before any fabrication. Each joint and border fold would consume 5 to 7 cm. The Finished size is net available measurement of the tarp after all the fabrication. Hence, cut size is bigger than Finish size.

Larger size will have higher number of centre joints and hence it will result in higher difference between the Cut size and Finish size.

Available Finished size will also depend on the width of the fabric to be consumed to produce given size.

Weight / GSM of Fabric and Ready Tarpaulin

During process of making tarpaulin, few accessories are added i.e. border rope, eyelets / grommet, liner bag etc. These accessories create difference in weight of the fabric and weight of ready tarpaulin piece made from the same fabric. The smaller the size of tarpaulin, the bigger will be the difference between weight / GSM of fabric and ready Tarpaulin.

We only offer products based on Fabric weight / GSM.

UV Stabilization

Ultra Violet rays has a negative effect on plastic. UV breaks down the chemical bond of the polymer which results into degradation of plastic. Physical and noticeable characteristics are reduced strength, colour brightness, elongation also it will start cracking and chalking.

The solar UV radiation is measured in kilo Langley (kly) per year. Depending on the exposure to radiation, UV stabilisers must be added to reduce the degrading effect.


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